The new Duplicate Deck mode comes to Clash Royale. We tell you how to get the most out of it

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Supercell continues to innovate following the latest update of Clash Royale. The missions and Touchdown mode were the first novelties that incorporated into the game. Obviously, they had to be the first ones because they were the ones that had aroused more interest in the community and the amateur.
However, this was not going to be the only novelty we are going to have in Clash Royale. This week, Supercell has incorporated a new gameplay of duplicate cards . What is this game? The idea is that both players will have the same deck , with the same cards and both will have a mirror between them.

As with the gameplay of Touchdown, new challenges will appear each day, but always based on this mode of play. At the moment, a challenge of daily practice is activated, that is to say, an informal tournament where the defeats do not count. Obviously, the rewards will not be as high as we might expect. If we get three crowns we receive 300 gold and if we reach the 6 we will get a mirror.

Remember that this challenge will evolve and complicate as the days go by, but Supercell wants to give us the possibility to test the game without any pressure for us to adapt . After playing enough games, we leave you a couple of tips to get the most out of this challenge.

Do not launch the attack

Remember that you are with a completely random deck and on which we have been able to make any decision. Also, you have only been able to see all of the cards for a few seconds with what you might have forgotten or overlooked any of them. This is important to keep in mind since your opponent has the same cards as you.

When we find ourselves as a positive and offensive rotation the idea is to throw a good push to achieve as much damage as possible . The problem is that if our opponent has a good defense and we find ourselves with a lot of elixir rotation, we might miss the game.

The key is to have patience and wait to be clear what charts we have, how much elixir costs us to create a good push and wait for the right time to get it. Therefore it is advisable to play a few passive and defensive moments.

The mirror is your best ally

The mirror is a somewhat forgetful card in the Clash Royale . Its usefulness is closely tied to the circumstances of the game and at certain times may prove to be a problem rather than an advantage. However, in this game mode it becomes a fundamental card to be able to unbalance the games.

By having the same cards as your opponent you can find that it is practically impossible to attack your tower since you have opted for a defensive attitude and knowing your cards perfectly, you always have a defense ready. In those moments is when the mirror enters into action.

If your opponent has a strategy designed for each card you throw, surprise with a mirror that can destabilize the game . For example, if for each mountaineer has an army of skeletons, use the mirror with the mountaineers on the other line to break the strategy.

In short, it is a very addictive game mode and it forces you to play cards and compositions that you might never think of using. In addition, as we have said, throughout the week will appear challenges with this mode of game much larger, so it is important to take these days to practice and master the gameplay as much as possible. (Click to buy clash royale gem top up,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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