FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (9)

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4-3-3: frontcourt defense, three strikers, in principle, a striker in charge of the main defense, in the other goalkeeper and the central defender, can be blocked or opportunistic robbery, broken. While the other two strikers to defensive front wing, such as grab, break the goalkeeper throw into the wing of the ball and so on.

At the same time three strikers in the front side, the corner area with the avant-garde players often formed around the situation, so as to grab the ball, immediately on the spot back attack; modern football winger concept gradually fade, winger edge avant-garde gradually closer The

Midfielder defense, because the midfield initially arranged only three avant-garde, in the midfield of this open area often have to deal with each other 4-5 offensive players, so the defense will stick to the main road, or opponents blocked Wing, by the two front striker retracement assistance midfield defense. Three midfielder often 1-2 people and the central defender in the middle of the barrier to prevent long-range opponents, before the plug or with the attack;

Backcourt defense, both sides responsible for their side of the main side of the wing, the time is often ripe with the nearby teammates in the corner of the area to rush to grab. And two in the back of a person responsible for marking, one person behind the post, protect, prevent each other long-range and plug in the attack, in order to protect the goal is often used to ensure the safety of the area.

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4-3-2-1: generally refers to the formation of 4-3-2-1: 4 defender, 3 midfielder, two midfielder, a striker (occasionally will be a slightly lower back waist, both 4-2-1-2-1: 4 guards, 2 midfielder, 1 in the avant-garde, 2 midfielder, a striker), in the field like a Christmas tree and hence the name. The formation of the emphasis on the midfield control, midfielder steals, on-site organization of offensive, offensive and defensive conversion fast.

Midfielder and more, easy to control the midfield and pass, that is, when the offensive and defensive midfielder are more people, how good things Well. The equivalent of five people in the midfield and is not sacrificed on the basis of the number of the implementation of the back line, so for those who like to fight against the team or like to promote the team to promote the ball is a great convenience, at least the number of defensive Sure more.

5-4-1: commonly known as “clinging to the array”, nothing more than keep in the backcourt, the score firmly maintained. Of course, if the “stealing chicken” ability strong striker, counterattack offensive can play hearty dripping.

(5-2-2-1, car lobbies have used), in fact, it is only 4-3-1-2 deformation, the general when the car lok to let each other have A certain ball, the midfield will be dragged one person, the formation of the interceptor to the peak of the defense line.

And then arrange two strikers, a quick pillar, for defensive counterattack. Take the car dealers in the face of home Manchester City, for example, they appear this array of time is very short, may be 1 minute or 5 minutes, midfielder Madi or Fabgas one of them dragged, and then by William to break (just William’s passing skill really can not be complimented).

5-3-2: than 5-2-2-1,5-2-1-2 Arrangement to be simple, clear, but it is easy to be the other side through the intentions.

This formation arrangements for five players in the backcourt, is a more typical defense counterattack play, commonly used in strength less than the opponent.

The formation of the attack when the attack is the two strikers and timely plug in the side of the avant-garde or side guard, so we can see that the frontcourt and the sidewalk is the formation of the rapid counterattack focus area.

5-2-1-2 is 5-3-2 deformation, to strengthen the front field transport capacity, because there are many in front of the players like William, Nani these, the speed can break, but often go to death, so Need to have players to meet them.

3-1-4-2: This formation is actually a deformation of 4-4-2, there are three defender on the defense, including a drag in the midfield between the back line and the midfield between the position, this name Drag the midfield often need to join the work of the defensive line also need to drive the midfield and the defense line in series (such as Guangzhou Hengda Zheng Zhi).

This array of consolidation in the backcourt control, the most distinctive is the midfield 4 sudden change, the general 4 people in the middle of the two will not advance, but the two flank will be inserted before the support forward That midfield, and converted into 3-2-3-2, so that frontcourt offensive will be reflected.

3-4-2-1 compared to 3-4-1-2, playing a less forward, to strengthen the frontcourt over and delivery, as long as the midfielder defensive strong sense of the ball, the ball is reasonable, the striker will not Too tired On the contrary, the team broke the lack of surgery, the pace of the game slowly, the team is difficult to open the situation. So this array is more suitable for adjusting the state, slow down the opponent rhythm used.

3-4-3 (diamond type, wide type), this array is 3-4-1-2, 3-4-2-1 the initial form, because the team must fight the ball, so hit a little defender, The main force will be placed on the attack line, the front of the Trident can get further support of the midfield, the formation of siege potential. But only in a short time to use.

3-5-1-1, the number of midfield to expand to 5, midfield interception, power has been maximized to enhance. The front line is arranged in the center line.

3-5-2, is 3-5-1-1 deformation, the same midfield control is to maximize the forward line is basically keep pace with each other. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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