Team Queso, the rival to beat in Clash Royale

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Team Queso, the rival to beat in Clash Royale
Of the 10 teams that dispute the championship of Clash Royale Team Queso excels
The Orange Superleague of Clash Royale kicked off last weekend in Barcelona. Among the 10 teams that dispute the championship there is one that seems to stand out from the rest. At least that is what emerges from a survey that Marca eSports did before the start of the championship with several Spanish players.

In the piece, which you can see at the head of this news, several players do not hesitate to say that Team Queso is the rival to beat. The reason is simple: they have the best players in the world, always according to the players.

In fact they are two named by all. Almost unanimously. Players Soking and Surgical Gobling top the list of most feared players. The Dutch do not hesitate to qualify as the best player in the world, while the opinions expressed of the Spanish place him on the throne of our country.

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The players that appear in the video are ‘ JoseManueleldlr ‘, of MAD Lions; ‘ Lu1sg ‘, ‘ Suaareez ‘ and ‘ JoseLC ‘, from Heretics; and ‘ RCarras ‘ and ‘ Camuflao ‘ from ThunderX3 Baskonia.

Team Cheese, the strongest rival of the Clash Royale Super League
Team Cheese demonstrated in the first meeting of the SLO that his teammates and rivals were not confused. He faced precisely Heretics and dominated from start to finish the encounter, with a very plugged Surgical Gobling. clash royale gem top up

The complete team of Team Cheese for the tournament is composed by Frank ‘ Surgical Gobling ‘ Oskam, Jesus ‘ Soking ‘ Varela, Pere Manel ‘ Cuchii Cuu ‘ Rodríguez, Jaime ‘ Xerezano ‘ Reyes, Álvaro ‘ Varik0 ‘ Márquez and Daniel ‘ Jipi Matavaros ‘ Flowers.

Clash Royale has been unveiled this year in the Orange Super League and has done so with tremendous anticipation. The first two matches of the league were played at the Barcelona Games World fair and the audience crowded the stadium built in one of the pavilions of the FIRA. The rest of meetings could be seen through streaming online and also achieved large numbers.
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