The new Duplicate Deck mode comes to Clash Royale. We tell you how to get the most out of it

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Supercell continues to innovate following the latest update of Clash Royale. The missions and Touchdown mode were the first novelties that incorporated into the game. Obviously, they had to be the first ones because they were the ones that had aroused more interest in the community and the amateur.
However, this was not going to be the only novelty we are going to have in Clash Royale. This week, Supercell has incorporated a new gameplay of duplicate cards . What is this game? The idea is that both players will have the same deck , with the same cards and both will have a mirror between them.

As with the gameplay of Touchdown, new challenges will appear each day, but always based on this mode of play. At the moment, a challenge of daily practice is activated, that is to say, an informal tournament where the defeats do not count. Obviously, the rewards will not be as high as we might expect. If we get three crowns we receive 300 gold and if we reach the 6 we will get a mirror.

Remember that this challenge will evolve and complicate as the days go by, but Supercell wants to give us the possibility to test the game without any pressure for us to adapt . After playing enough games, we leave you a couple of tips to get the most out of this challenge.

Do not launch the attack

Remember that you are with a completely random deck and on which we have been able to make any decision. Also, you have only been able to see all of the cards for a few seconds with what you might have forgotten or overlooked any of them. This is important to keep in mind since your opponent has the same cards as you.

When we find ourselves as a positive and offensive rotation the idea is to throw a good push to achieve as much damage as possible . The problem is that if our opponent has a good defense and we find ourselves with a lot of elixir rotation, we might miss the game.

The key is to have patience and wait to be clear what charts we have, how much elixir costs us to create a good push and wait for the right time to get it. Therefore it is advisable to play a few passive and defensive moments.

The mirror is your best ally

The mirror is a somewhat forgetful card in the Clash Royale . Its usefulness is closely tied to the circumstances of the game and at certain times may prove to be a problem rather than an advantage. However, in this game mode it becomes a fundamental card to be able to unbalance the games.

By having the same cards as your opponent you can find that it is practically impossible to attack your tower since you have opted for a defensive attitude and knowing your cards perfectly, you always have a defense ready. In those moments is when the mirror enters into action.

If your opponent has a strategy designed for each card you throw, surprise with a mirror that can destabilize the game . For example, if for each mountaineer has an army of skeletons, use the mirror with the mountaineers on the other line to break the strategy.

In short, it is a very addictive game mode and it forces you to play cards and compositions that you might never think of using. In addition, as we have said, throughout the week will appear challenges with this mode of game much larger, so it is important to take these days to practice and master the gameplay as much as possible. (Click to buy clash royale gem top up,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (9)

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4-3-3: frontcourt defense, three strikers, in principle, a striker in charge of the main defense, in the other goalkeeper and the central defender, can be blocked or opportunistic robbery, broken. While the other two strikers to defensive front wing, such as grab, break the goalkeeper throw into the wing of the ball and so on.

At the same time three strikers in the front side, the corner area with the avant-garde players often formed around the situation, so as to grab the ball, immediately on the spot back attack; modern football winger concept gradually fade, winger edge avant-garde gradually closer The

Midfielder defense, because the midfield initially arranged only three avant-garde, in the midfield of this open area often have to deal with each other 4-5 offensive players, so the defense will stick to the main road, or opponents blocked Wing, by the two front striker retracement assistance midfield defense. Three midfielder often 1-2 people and the central defender in the middle of the barrier to prevent long-range opponents, before the plug or with the attack;

Backcourt defense, both sides responsible for their side of the main side of the wing, the time is often ripe with the nearby teammates in the corner of the area to rush to grab. And two in the back of a person responsible for marking, one person behind the post, protect, prevent each other long-range and plug in the attack, in order to protect the goal is often used to ensure the safety of the area.

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4-3-2-1: generally refers to the formation of 4-3-2-1: 4 defender, 3 midfielder, two midfielder, a striker (occasionally will be a slightly lower back waist, both 4-2-1-2-1: 4 guards, 2 midfielder, 1 in the avant-garde, 2 midfielder, a striker), in the field like a Christmas tree and hence the name. The formation of the emphasis on the midfield control, midfielder steals, on-site organization of offensive, offensive and defensive conversion fast.

Midfielder and more, easy to control the midfield and pass, that is, when the offensive and defensive midfielder are more people, how good things Well. The equivalent of five people in the midfield and is not sacrificed on the basis of the number of the implementation of the back line, so for those who like to fight against the team or like to promote the team to promote the ball is a great convenience, at least the number of defensive Sure more.

5-4-1: commonly known as “clinging to the array”, nothing more than keep in the backcourt, the score firmly maintained. Of course, if the “stealing chicken” ability strong striker, counterattack offensive can play hearty dripping.

(5-2-2-1, car lobbies have used), in fact, it is only 4-3-1-2 deformation, the general when the car lok to let each other have A certain ball, the midfield will be dragged one person, the formation of the interceptor to the peak of the defense line.

And then arrange two strikers, a quick pillar, for defensive counterattack. Take the car dealers in the face of home Manchester City, for example, they appear this array of time is very short, may be 1 minute or 5 minutes, midfielder Madi or Fabgas one of them dragged, and then by William to break (just William’s passing skill really can not be complimented).

5-3-2: than 5-2-2-1,5-2-1-2 Arrangement to be simple, clear, but it is easy to be the other side through the intentions.

This formation arrangements for five players in the backcourt, is a more typical defense counterattack play, commonly used in strength less than the opponent.

The formation of the attack when the attack is the two strikers and timely plug in the side of the avant-garde or side guard, so we can see that the frontcourt and the sidewalk is the formation of the rapid counterattack focus area.

5-2-1-2 is 5-3-2 deformation, to strengthen the front field transport capacity, because there are many in front of the players like William, Nani these, the speed can break, but often go to death, so Need to have players to meet them.

3-1-4-2: This formation is actually a deformation of 4-4-2, there are three defender on the defense, including a drag in the midfield between the back line and the midfield between the position, this name Drag the midfield often need to join the work of the defensive line also need to drive the midfield and the defense line in series (such as Guangzhou Hengda Zheng Zhi).

This array of consolidation in the backcourt control, the most distinctive is the midfield 4 sudden change, the general 4 people in the middle of the two will not advance, but the two flank will be inserted before the support forward That midfield, and converted into 3-2-3-2, so that frontcourt offensive will be reflected.

3-4-2-1 compared to 3-4-1-2, playing a less forward, to strengthen the frontcourt over and delivery, as long as the midfielder defensive strong sense of the ball, the ball is reasonable, the striker will not Too tired On the contrary, the team broke the lack of surgery, the pace of the game slowly, the team is difficult to open the situation. So this array is more suitable for adjusting the state, slow down the opponent rhythm used.

3-4-3 (diamond type, wide type), this array is 3-4-1-2, 3-4-2-1 the initial form, because the team must fight the ball, so hit a little defender, The main force will be placed on the attack line, the front of the Trident can get further support of the midfield, the formation of siege potential. But only in a short time to use.

3-5-1-1, the number of midfield to expand to 5, midfield interception, power has been maximized to enhance. The front line is arranged in the center line.

3-5-2, is 3-5-1-1 deformation, the same midfield control is to maximize the forward line is basically keep pace with each other. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Guide: how to play and stop the flying machine of Clash Royale

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Guide on how to play and stop the flying machine of Clash Royale

Playing with the flying machine …
There are many ways to play this card and many good decks that you can use. But the key is to use a tank card ahead . If you use a card ahead and the flying machine behind, better, because it does not have too much life and thus you can weaken your enemy quickly, because it is quite strong against the tower.

Discover all the new features that will arrive at Clash Royale: Battles Mirror, Fever for the Gems, Touchdown …
Another option is to directly throw it towards the tower to remove important points. It seems not, but it takes away a lot of life.

But keep that ideal, is that you always play with heavy cards and have a lot of life ahead : megacaballero, goblins , etc.

Stopping the flying machine …

The way to stop the flying machine is by placing letters that distract it. Do not let under any concept touch your tower because it will take away enough life. The moment you are approaching the tower, the best you can put are a few cards in the middle to attack them while your tower ends with it. It is one of the best tricks.

Clash Royale launches its best update with all these new features
Another option that you have is to opt for some henchmen , who stop this letter very well.


Now you know how to play and stop the flying machine of Clash Royale , at least in a basic and simple way to go shooting. Then, with practice, you will learn and surely you do it in luxury.

I recommend that you play Álvaro’s video to watch on video, live and live, how to stop and play with the incredible flying machine . (Click to buy buy clash of clans gems online,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Download FIFA 18 for Android

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Futboleros y futboleras This article is for you, Are you ready to download FIFA 18 for Android? Soccer raises passions and in Spain even more, for that reason there are many people who enjoy, and in what way with the sports games that come to the market each year. This type of games has changed a lot in recent years improving their versions for mobile with continuous updates that resulted in an exquisite development.

If you are thinking of hooking up to a new game and you have not tried the new FIFA 18 we will finish convincing you.

Fifa 2018 is one of the most downloaded games on Android

For its level of detail and usability, we can say without a doubt that along with games like Clash Royale , is one of the greats of this year.

This FIFA 18 is undoubtedly one of the most popular games of the moment. We usually see it on consoles and PC but as it could not be otherwise, it has landed on Android. It is important that you know that when we talk about the mobile version, we will not find it under the name we usually see on other consoles. In the Store Store, FIFA 18 is called FIFA Mobile and is the only official you will find.

You can download it for free from the official Google store and this is already a big point in favor. In addition, its game modes are very dynamic, allowing you to train your own team with which you will gradually ascend category.

The feature that we liked most on the part of its creator, is that they have not stopped with its launch. We have seen how FIFA 18 for Android has been improving with the passage of the months including from quality updates, as new in the game modes that have made it more striking and competitive. These include improvements to the interface, continuous updating on sign-ups and performance enhancements.

Optimized performance for mobile and tablets

The performance results is another big plus in this game. It has been designed by EA Sports Mobile specifically for use in devices such as smartphones and tablets which gives us spectacular results in its handling. Starting with its weight, when downloading FIFA 18 we realize that its size is less than 100Mb which allows us to have a great title without wasting in memory.

Are you thinking of getting him? Do not hesitate, FIFA 18 for Android will not leave you indifferent. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Team Queso, the rival to beat in Clash Royale

clash royale gems
Team Queso, the rival to beat in Clash Royale
Of the 10 teams that dispute the championship of Clash Royale Team Queso excels
The Orange Superleague of Clash Royale kicked off last weekend in Barcelona. Among the 10 teams that dispute the championship there is one that seems to stand out from the rest. At least that is what emerges from a survey that Marca eSports did before the start of the championship with several Spanish players.

In the piece, which you can see at the head of this news, several players do not hesitate to say that Team Queso is the rival to beat. The reason is simple: they have the best players in the world, always according to the players.

In fact they are two named by all. Almost unanimously. Players Soking and Surgical Gobling top the list of most feared players. The Dutch do not hesitate to qualify as the best player in the world, while the opinions expressed of the Spanish place him on the throne of our country.

17 17 respuestas 93 93 Retweets 615 615 me gusta
Información y privacidad de Twitter Ads
The players that appear in the video are ‘ JoseManueleldlr ‘, of MAD Lions; ‘ Lu1sg ‘, ‘ Suaareez ‘ and ‘ JoseLC ‘, from Heretics; and ‘ RCarras ‘ and ‘ Camuflao ‘ from ThunderX3 Baskonia.

Team Cheese, the strongest rival of the Clash Royale Super League
Team Cheese demonstrated in the first meeting of the SLO that his teammates and rivals were not confused. He faced precisely Heretics and dominated from start to finish the encounter, with a very plugged Surgical Gobling. clash royale gem top up

The complete team of Team Cheese for the tournament is composed by Frank ‘ Surgical Gobling ‘ Oskam, Jesus ‘ Soking ‘ Varela, Pere Manel ‘ Cuchii Cuu ‘ Rodríguez, Jaime ‘ Xerezano ‘ Reyes, Álvaro ‘ Varik0 ‘ Márquez and Daniel ‘ Jipi Matavaros ‘ Flowers.

Clash Royale has been unveiled this year in the Orange Super League and has done so with tremendous anticipation. The first two matches of the league were played at the Barcelona Games World fair and the audience crowded the stadium built in one of the pavilions of the FIRA. The rest of meetings could be seen through streaming online and also achieved large numbers.
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7.3 Druid professional hall followers choose ideas and equipment selection analysis

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This article comes from NGACN, author: Dian black feather freedom; the original address: [ view original ] please indicate the source!

  7.3 after the start of the task is not the majority of the previous minions, but the three deal with flowers, plus a powerful Argus equipment, you can achieve 7 followers at the same time out of 7 spectacular scenes.

  Whether you often play with the big brother or the new game into the new or want to take dry goods out of the hand, I hope this Raiders how much can help you some ~

New guide

Follow the task success rate principle
  Leader response to success + 65% success rate, the leader should not buckle the success rate

  Each time a warrior joined the task can increase the task 10% success rate

  Outside the leader need to deal with things that should not be reduced, the response does not increase the success rate

  The disruption will double the task

  Deceleration will double the length of the task

  Death will cause the troops participating in the mission to die immediately

  Strong mechanism is very metaphysical, no research to understand, who clearly remember to tell me I edit what

  Warriors and other equipment, such as more than the task requirements of the additional success rate of reward

Followers selection and equipment
Followers choose ideas
  Before the 7.3 version, each person with the followers or comrades are not the same, blindly share the followers with better share ideas, where I share my ideas.

  Before you start with the followers, you know:

  Reduced task time props multiplied by each other Decreased, technical tree travel posture (20% shorter task time) + two Holy Light decay (30% shorter task time) can only be reduced by 61% instead of 80%, too much time Props cost will be lower and lower,Although the 12-hour task is compressed to 1 hour looked cool but the price is not high, So each follow-up on a props can maintain the props of the highest cost, but also better to get ~

  Can be on the three followers of the task can easily hit 200%, so we mainly discuss how to use 1 Warriors +1 team combination to reach 200%.

  A Light Act + travel posture can reduce the task to 14 hours or less, so our task can be divided into task time less than 14 hours or task time is greater than 14 hours.

  At the beginning of 7.3, the follower task is no longer a threat to the minions >> Hazards and spells, so our new entourage combination is best equipped with three specializations and three responses.

  Do not calculate the equipment and skills, a successful response to the leader of the followers up to 75% success rate, while the meat and Morrow in the same conditions can increase 85% and 60% success rate, so still have to choose the meat to give up Morrow.

  War old trees can deal with a leader, cuckoo can deal with skills.

  The task must be involved in warriors, troops can not be a separate task.

  Followers & Soldiers’ Choice:

  In this way, we chose the meat and eggs, then we have six followers can choose, 6 followers specialization is best or 2 +2 +2 combination, the best job is also 2 +2 +2 that we It is impossible to do three kinds of specialization are three kinds of coping, then: how to use war old trees and make up the lack of response will be the key to follow the choice.

  [*] Trees deal with leaders, other specialized warriors to deal with skills.

  [*] Corresponding to the special warriors to deal with the leader, big cuckoo to deal with skills.

  So that we have the opportunity to deal with all the special skills.

  Let me give an example:

  Coping with the recovery of the minions, I can be equipped with all the light of the wings + arbitrary troops can do 200%.

  Deal with recovery + spells, I can on the full equipment [Cynda Lin song] + arbitrary troops can do 200%.

  But the restoration of specialization no hero can deal with harm!

  So I chose the war old tree (restore specialization) + [Xi Sally black crow] / [Milun] to reach 200%. Cuckoo is the same reason.

  Join me wild specialization to choose the response to the minions [Druid Hamur Rune Totem] and deal with the harm [Xishali black crow], then the face of wild + magic task I need [Dade Ruyi Mu Muer Rune Totem] / [Greek Sally Crow] + Cuckoo (coping spell) to reach 200%.

  To sum up:

  Three specialties six warriors lack of response can not be repeated Example: balance the lack of response to the minions of the warriors, wild lack of magic to deal with the magic, to restore the lack of harm to the warriors

  Trees + two cuckoo complement the Warrior’s missing part, restore the specialization of the tree + deal with the minions of the cuckoo (balance) + deal with the magic of the cuckoo (wild)

  Warrior equipment choice:

  The above mentioned, we have a warrior to reduce the time of the equipment, and in this version, the best equipment is the corresponding skills + 50% of the equipment, is our single warrior to do the task of the key !, that is, we also Leaving a spare column can choose.

  Then what is the equipment on the column is the key to the Warriors equipment.

  Less time props cost is very low, we do not consider the time of the props.

  Then we have to do in these three kinds of equipment to choose: 8 hours of the task +30 / 40/50% success rate; 8 hours or more tasks + 30/40/50% success rate; + 20/25/30% Success rate.

  The basic task of 8 hours of the task and the task of more than 8 hours the proportion of the task is almost the same, but each of us on the shortcomings of the task to shorten the props, point of travel attitude skills, so shorten the task time after 8 hours The task will be more than 8 hours of the task a lot, so:

  Try to choose to increase the success rate of 8 hours the following equipment, give up more than 8 hours success rate of equipment.

  However, if the task is not important, you can give up, if this task is very important on the two warriors, but the key is the tree and the corresponding task of how to do, then we will:

  Choose a non-tree specialization and deal with the task of the tree warrior, give him the task of success rate of equipment as an example, I was to restore the specialization of the tree, just have a recovery + harm and more than 14 hours of important (0 30% success rate) [Xi Sally black crow], my success rate is 65 (coping with the leader) +30 (the power of ancient trees) +10 (the power of the old trees) Hero plus points) +50 (hazard task +50 success rate) +30 (light casting souvenirs) +20 (fitness) = 235% or 200%

  Cuckoo the same token, if not 200, please on the energy ball.

  You ask me if you can only meet the two followers must also be on the cuckoo or trees for more than 14 hours and on the Warriors also eat energy ball success rate is not enough 200 how to do, you do not ask me, I do not know You give up this task or wait for the first two followers. (Click to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

7.3 version of the ice DK big secret low-level mowing experience to share the punch to play 2 million +

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  1. Although the ice is not a weapon warfare, sensitive thief, evil DK strong, but still can play, rice at least in the level, a lot of people ask how good ice and ice, personally think that both worth a play, mainly to see personal preferences. Landlord is ice evil are playing, 17 layers of the following like ice, high level of the general use of evil, survivability will be better than the ice.

  2.7.3BDK rice way with the previous no big change, before I wrote a similar BDK rice to share. Just a little change a bit. Hope for those who want to play ice hit the rice brother will help, big god can skip , After all, just some very basic things, many people have written.

One, orange choice
  aoe first set: wrist, ice dragon legs.

  aoe second set: wrist + sammy microphone.

  Unit: Bracers + Basketball.

  PS: BOSS or single mobs when the replacement, such as the soul of the F4 such a mobs.

  Running cool: Adi Wang + plug the secret.

  Note: hurry to wear, into the battle before the normal equipment can be.

Second, talent

  Why do not you annihilate, because annihilation take ice hit sickle 1 + 1 take up too much gcd. In the case of aoe equipment crit pushed to about 40 cases, two sickle and ice hit after a burst of sickle no difference. Plus dragon spray does not take gcd.

  Rice mobs grab the damage gcd how to use is particularly important, rice is not a group, you can put the deposit in advance can be sprayed.

Three, green character

  aoe: master proficient crit, speed revel.

  Monomer: crit 30 or so, rapid 20 or so, the first two standards after the heap proficient.

Fourth, jewelry promotion
  Small iron flower: high coverage, high starting point trigger rate.

  Master or crit whiteboard: stable and reliable gain.

  Alchemy stone: high coverage, high starting trigger rate.

  Shadow on the edge: the first wave and when the buffer time to put on.

Five, holy choice
  Ice injury> explosion> hair

  PS: three rice income is very close, do not have to tangle, which equipment, such as high equipment can be installed, 15 equipment, etc., regardless of the characteristics of no brain plug.

Six, furnace income
  Preferred: kill the intention, the shock of the light, Shadow Master. The first two to improve the hands of the outbreak, the latter stable injury and improve viability.

Seven, tactics
  AOE: hands open the washing machine pull mobs trigger the game secret, aoe skills priority: free hair (white frost)> kill sickle> washing machine> sickle> Frost blow (see the situation piercing dragon spray and big ice dragon).

  Long shot use skills

  1. Dragon spray can be used for the mobs outbreak AOE, the advantage is no GCD, good damage. Long before the spray can be good and then match the secret trigger to use, dragon spray during the no sickle sickle, not enough, Torrent or rune weapons continue to spray. Survive the energy trigger race secret Rune weapons spray the entire icicle time is very easy.

  Ice dragon use skills

  1. Because the sickle can stack ice front debuff. Stack to 5 layers to increase the damage to the target Frost 15%. Large ice dragon as much as possible in the icicle duration, ice front debuff stack, the power peak (you can use the plug to monitor their own gain trigger situation).

Eight other
  Standing syrup

  1. The power of delay: before the war to steal medicine, off the war to steal medicine, as far as possible to maintain the delay of coverage.

  2. days line of syrup: hurry or grab a mobs when used.

  3. avalanche Pharmacy: high-altitude drop when used, unscathed.

  4. Treatment of syrup: emergency use.

  Gain and CD monitoring

  TMW plug-in monitoring: race secret CD, Crusader, peak (pit magic coalition), jewelry trigger.

to sum up
  Rice hit the height of nothing more than a few points:

  1. Reasonable allocation 2. Control of the timeline 3. Understand the skills of their own hands, when to stay, when to put 4. Adaptability 5. Familiar with the opponent’s outbreak skills Timeline, you can choose Sexual staggered outbreak 6. Warriors and thieves do not exist at the same time

  The following is the last few days of mashing the bottom of the rice, may not play well, because many details do not do bit. But should not drag the legs (Click to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

In front of the group chart: NBA2K gaming group match “desert brothers” exhibition skills

Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves have arrived in Shenzhen, China, ready to start the NBA China race. In the official game before playing, the two players in the electronic arena took the lead in the move, the Timberwolves core players Carl – Anthony – Downs and former FMVP Andre – Andre Iguodala led the Minnesota and Warriors stars, the NBA2K Online match.

The picture shows all the stars come to power

FIFA18 graphics Raiders football and full game mode skills

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Disk big reform
The new ball mechanism allows you to more touch the ball, more quickly turned and play an unprecedented explosive.
FIFA18 Graphic Raiders journey and full game mode skills
Introducing FUT Superstar
(Ronaldo Nazario), Di A high Mahler Danga (Tiago Manadona), Billy (Bailey), Ronaldinho (Rhone) Dinho). And the ball the most classic legendary players to play together, through the FUT super star story, through their excellent career at different stages.
In the story of the star, to explore the different milestones of different milestones, as well as their unique version of the items at all times.
FUT Championship
In FIFA’s most popular model, select from thousands of players to create your own Ultimate Team. Discover new daily goals, compete for weekly awards in Squad Battles, and watch the world’s best game on Champions Channel!
Soccer journey: Hunter return
Developed using FROSTBITE ™.
Alex Hunter is accompanied by a man who has been used by Christianson Ronaldo (Christian Ronaldo), Anton Clementian ( Anthony Grizeman), Tom Meyer (Thomas Muller) Dili Alice (Dale Ali) led the star lineup return.
In the Premier League after spending a year with the development of a breakthrough, Alex Hunter became the world’s hot words. Now he comes back to start the second season of the journey, rumors that he is already on the road …
From Brazil’s summer vacation to Los Angeles’s pre-season tour, Alex Hunter in the “FIFA18” football journey throughout the world.

LOOK: Cavs are the top-rated team in NBA 2K18 after Wade signing

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are now the top-rated team in NBA 2K18.

Following the signing of 12-time All-Star Dwyane Wade, the Cavaliers now have the top-rated team in 2K18, leaping the Golden State Warriors for top honors:

As things currently stand, the Cavaliers would have six former All-Stars entering the 2017-18 season: Wade, LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Kevin Love, Kyle Korver and Isaiah Thomas. Believe it or not, that actually matches the All-Star total of the 2017-18 Warriors.

While this is certainly not an indicator that the Cavaliers are a better team than the defending champions, it at least gives them some sort of bragging rights entering the new season. (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)